Paul Stratton

Italian Senior Contract Manager

I was lucky enough to learn Italian at school in a 1970’s London and after a summer in Sicily at the age of 16 I was bitten by the bug and smitten with everything ‘Italian’! The food, the wine, the people, the weather, the scenery. Thereafter followed a myriad of years working in Italy for ‘The Magic of Italy’ and experiencing living in the real Italy, off the beaten track, in Umbria, Lake Garda, Sardinia and Sicily…to name just a few. It was during this time that I started to create and build relationships with wonderful people all over Italy, not only hoteliers, but also local chefs, restaurant owners, winery estates…and 35 years down the line many of these people have remained close personal friends and feature within the Magari tours…..offering our clients a truly authentic Italian experience!

What I love most about Italy is its incredible variety, every region boasts its own specialities, whether cultural, culinary or geological. It feels as if Italy boasts a whole host of different countries within one country…it’s so diverse. These days I spend as much time as possible at our Italian home in a little known part of Lake Garda and still love discovering new hidden gems, along with the existing ones throughout this fascinating and beautiful country.

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