Adam Handy

Co-Chief Executive Officer

With a robust background in mainstream tour operations, Adam, a distinguished member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, embarked on a transformative journey at Albatross in 2007. Starting as the Head of Finance, he swiftly ascended to the Group Board in 2009 before cherishing ownership of the company in 2017 alongside Stephen Hornby.

As the Co-CEO of Albatross, Adam channels his fervour and expertise into pivotal aspects of the Group, overseeing Finance, People & Administration, Continuous Improvement, Success Retreats and Magari. His strategic vision propels the Group’s current and future triumphs through adept commercial delivery, organic growth initiatives, and judicious acquisitions.

Adam is a staunch advocate for the belief that commercial success stems from nurturing the development of individuals. At the core of his leadership philosophy is a commitment to fostering a positive work environment at Albatross, Success Tours and Magari, where employees are inspired to cultivate their personal and professional growth. He strives to make Albatross a workplace that is not only productive but also enriching, encouraging individuals to showcase their best selves both within and outside the office.

Beyond the boardroom, Adam is deeply ingrained in his local community, serving as the Chairman of the Claire Foster Memorial Fund, a charitable initiative supporting local causes. His longstanding dedication to Larkfield Football Club in Kent, where he served as Chairman for many years, continues as he currently holds the positions of voluntary Director and Club Secretary at Larkfield & New Hythe Football Club.

Fuelling his passion for travel, Adam has played a supporting role in the inception of Magari Tours, collaborating with Paul Stratton and Tony Flanagan. His profound interest in Italy’s history and culture is evident, making Tuscany, Lake Garda, or Sicily the perfect backdrop for immersing oneself in the rich tapestry of the region. Adam envisions travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary, encompassing the exploration of historical gems, picturesque landscapes, authentic Italy and the indulgence of local cuisine and wine—a vision that Magari Tours brings to life.

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