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A bit about us: Magari Tours is a brand of Success Tours Ltd and owned by The Albatross Group, a collection of travel companies formed in 1985, which offers unmatched experience in creating and providing group tours. We are a new and innovative travel brand specialising in purposefully handpicked, off-the-beaten-track holidays to Italy, with hand-crafted, escorted tours that take your travel experiences to a new level – providing deeper, immersive and truly authentic journeys.

We get right down to earth in each destination we visit. Each tour is specially timed so you experience every location at its purest, original, and uncrowded best, and no trip will run with more than 19 passengers.

What is Magari?

Magari Tours holidays can take many forms. From explorations of mainland Italy that see you learning to make homemade pasta at a family-run hotel, to enjoying authentic experiences that money can’t buy, including dining at a private ‘Baglio’ farm in Sicily and learning the art of Sicilian chocolate-making at a chocolaterie. And tours that discover hidden villages overlooked by the main tourist itineraries – we uncover the heart and soul of some of Italy’s and the Mediterranean’s most characterful and timeless destinations.

So what’s different?

Imagine for a moment what the most delicious pasta dish you ever tasted was all about. Its secret probably lay in its simplicity: the purity of plump, juicy olives just picked from local olive groves, the freshness of wild mushrooms plucked only hours before from the forest floor, and the skills of a local cook following a pasta recipe passed down through generations of the same family. Transfer these same principles to a tour, add a little magic, and you have Magari.

Making memories

Our tours make the very most of a region, get right beneath the skin of local culture, and provide authentic and enriching encounters that reveal a destination from the inside rather than the outside – with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Silhouettes of flying dandelion seeds on the background of the sunset sky

Capturing the Essence of Magari

Magari is about exploring Italy more deeply and closely than you can on a conventional escorted tour. Our logo captures this vision: blending images of a seed-blown dandelion with colourful Mediterranean tiles and the four points of a compass. The result is a symbol that conveys the richness and variety of discoveries our guests enjoy when they travel with us.

The Meaning of Magari

Why did we choose the name Magari? Put it down to serendipity: in researching potential names for our tours, we alighted on this Italian word, which means anything from ‘I wish’ to ‘if only’ – both feelings that chime with our aim of making travellers’ experiential dreams come true, particularly as we are beginning with holidays to Italy. ‘Magari’ also stems from the ancient Greek ‘makari’ meaning a ‘happy, blessed event’ – something we hope you feel when touring with us.

Why Magari?

At Magari Tours, we believe the most rewarding and inspiring journeys are those that let you experience your destination in the truest and most engaging ways. Here’s how we do it.

Specially timed and original

We get right down to the nub of every location we visit, allowing you to experience its essence, and enjoy it at its purest, most original, and authentic best. Most of our holidays to Italy take place at the cusps of the main tourist season, when the weather is pleasant and mild, and the peak crowds of summer are either yet to arrive or have already melted away.

Imaginative itineraries

Conveyor-belt itineraries aren’t our thing. Instead, we curate imaginative and extraordinary journeys that focus less on major tourist highlights and more on smaller, lesser-known locations and attractions. While we sometimes include big cities that we can’t in all conscience overlook, we put more emphasis on below-radar towns, off the beaten track villages, and hidden gems that are equally interesting and enchanting, and that are often quieter for being missed by standard tourist itineraries.

Local & Passionate

Local hotels, local food

We stay in privately run and family-owned hotels rooted in their communities rather than shiny multinational hotel chains, each one hand-picked for their locally supportive and sustainable practices. And we steer away from fine-dining and silver service, choosing instead the simple, honest cooking of rustic trattorias and hotel restaurants which as you’d expect in holidays to Italy, take pride in preparing classic, unpretentious dishes in the way they have been served for centuries.

Passionate tour leaders

Bringing everything together are our Magari tour leaders, who are passionate about their destination. Each has developed a deep bond with their area over the years, and knows from experience what makes an escorted tour meaningful and rewarding. Their in-depth local knowledge, combined with their commitment to taking care of every little detail, means you can be sure your travel experience is as effortless, enriching and enjoyable as it possibly can be.

ATOL and ABTOT protection

About us: Magari Tours is a brand of Success Tours Ltd and owned by The Albatross Group, a collection of travel companies formed in 1985, which offers unmatched experience in creating and providing group tours. As part of the group, Magari is ATOL-licenced and ABTOT protected, which means you can rest easy knowing that your money is secure and you are fully financially safeguarded.

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